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trevor is my favorite grand theft asshole 

….help me gta v is now the only thing i love in this world

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People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like ‘be realistic.’

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Truth. So keep your head up and be strong in yourself. And drop the people who tell you your dreams are impossible.

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Dance Gavin Dance,
Downtown Battle Mountain II


"I don’t know what i’d do if I ever lost You too"

Weirdly trikey-ish. Starts as Mikey, ends as Trevvy. 

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Please let there be a second photo of Ned kissing this billboard! 



Please let there be a second photo of Ned kissing this billboard! 

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Feel the Same (GTA V Soundtrack)


Feel the Same (GTA V Soundtrack)

Trevor Philips is one adorable homewrecker. 


Trevor. 197X, Canada.

Is it wrong of me to find the scene Joe Caputo finds Figueroa crying and she tells him her husband’s been having an affair with a guy so good? 

Cus that scene right there is exactly how I picture Trevor finding Amanda when it comes out Michael’s gay and has left her for a guy, but has yet to specify who that guy is. 
Even the part where she pauses and says “He’s…having an affair….with a man” 
My brain just says “Hello! Trikey scene right there! can we just go on that, please!” 

Course there’s a whole backstory leading up to how Trevor wound up at the house and why she was there and M wasn’t, but, seriously, Amanda, Michael, Trevor, right there, in that scene. Love it. 

[♔] brawl.

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Ahhhh! All these babby talk has me wanting to write more of both my headcannon with Trisha-belle and her dads and Preggo Mikey stuff. 

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! The mental power required! I CANT DECIDE! 




Following the leader!


Mission: Bury the hatchet.

Trevor: Exactly who was buried in your place?
Michael: I never gave it any thought.
Trevor: Youth know what I’m thinking?
Michael: I have no clue.
Trevor: You’re fucking dead! You’re fucking DEAD! *starts running*
Michael: Shit! Wait! Don’t go! *runs to his CD…

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Michael's sexy pepperoni nipples...I just want to bite 'em.
levidaenci levidaenci Said:

Me to. Just sink my teeth around those pups and make Trevor watch. 

Heheeh, deliciously evil.