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couldn’t afford a table, please have some dip

Trevor….what da fuck, man! 

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No wonder Trevor looks so god damn sexy in GTA V. Cus he’s constantly around his ex boyfriend. 

Soon to be un-ex boyfriend. 

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hey, steven, your trevor is showing.

I so wanted Ned to come in the studio and wind him up, then have this moment of just pure unadulterated Michael Trevor-ness going on. 

I wanna see Trev looking at Michael like that. 

I wanna see Trev looking at Michael like that. 


oh my god but are we going to talk about steven ogg and that gorgeous side profile of his because when he has that carefree grin on his face i just swoon


look at him seriously look

Happy, carefree and lookin’ at his best pal Ned. 

Missed ya too, T.

Hey-hey, don’t cry T….I wasn’t gone for that long, was I? 
So’kay baby. Daddy’s home now. 


I just explained to my dad what Canon means. I think he’s getting it. This helped fer sure.

The more we play gta v, the more trikey we uncover! 


The difference between period pains and getting kicked in the balls is that one is a compulsory monthly event and the other one is probably because you were being a dick.

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What if we wrote Ned/Steven fics? 😍

Ain’t no what-if, we’ve done it! 


What if Steven Ogg has an anon tumblr account and looks at all of our Michael/Trevor stuff? 😳

Then he got some explaining to do should Ned find all the fanart he’s liked and it’s got those two kissing! 

Trevor! Trevor! Oooh my fuckin’ god man. You won’t believe it. 

Wha—what’s goin’ on, sugartits? Are you okay? Did the cops turn up at the trailer park??? 

No! Mand…..Manda’s pregnant. We just talked to the doctor….it’s a girl. Jesus fucking christ, Trevor. I’m gonna be a dad! To a little girl! I mean…this is…this isn’t what we had planned but…who gives a shit. I’M GONNA BE A DAD! YOU GONNA GET CHUR ASS OVER HERE, WE’RE HAVIN’ A PARTY TONIGHT. FAMILY ONLY! 

Uhhh, yeh, yeh. Sure! Course, Course I’ll be there in ten minutes. 

…….Congrats Mikey…….I know you’ll…I know you’ll do great. 

Awww, thanks Trev……Gawd! Fuckin’ A! Right! Okay, I gotta go. See you in ten! 

'Hangs up the phone' 


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Steven Ogg

He needs to read some trikey fanfiction! 


They do have great voices Anon- Michael/Ned Luke’s voice sounds like he was made for a gangster/career criminal role and don’t even get me started on Trevor/Steven Ogg’s silky baritone….

They’d both sound fantastic just growling dirty things in your ear during the throes :D

Best. Threesome. Ever. 

Convinced this is Trevor before the mullet.